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Sponge Cake - Muffin Ready - Made mixture 900 g

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Kitchen-ready sponge cake & muffin flour mixture.

The flours in the Bake-Free range are all gluten, dairy, egg, soy, corn starch, corn flour and rice free. They can be used to make fibre-rich, sugar-free, nutritious treats that fit into most diets.

Average nutritional value per 100 g of flour mixture:

The average nutritional value of 100 g of baked muffins according to the recipe:

The average nutritional value of 100 g of baked vanilla bar according to the recipe:


1431 kJ

634 kJ

620 kJ

342 kcal

151 kcal

148 kcal


2.5 g

1.1 g

1 g

-of which saturated

0.5 g

0.2 g

0.2 g


67 g

46 g

45 g

- of which sugar:

0.5 g

0.2 g

0.2 g


8.9 g

4 g

3.9 g


9.3 g

4 g

4 g


0.03 g

0.01 g

0.01 g

Ingredients: millet flour [millet: Poland], tapioca starch, psyllium husk flour, bulking agent (sodium bicarbonate), acidity regulator (citric acid)

Preparation instructions:



-250 g flour mixture

-90 g Erythritol

-1 teaspoon of vanilla flavouring or ground vanilla

-310 g room temperature water


Mix the wet and dry ingredients, then pour and process thoroughly. Immediately pour into a 24x24 cm silicone baking tin lined with baking paper and bake in a preheated 180°C oven for 25 minutes, baking top and bottom. You can spread with your favourite cream or jam to taste. Top with fruit or chocolate. Season with your favourite spices. 

Contains no added sugar.

Contains naturally occurring sugars.

Made in a gluten-free plant.

Allergen information: the product is made in a plant that also processes nuts

Storage: in a dry, cool place, protected from sunlight.

Country of origin: Hungary

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